Kate Oakes

So my newest baby (aside from my actual babies) is the Italian brand L'Amande.

L'Amande is all made in Savona a beautiful medieval town on the Ligurian see just near the border with France. L'Amande is an old brand, over 130 years and encompasses another couple of soap companies from the area; namely Gavarry and Rexol.

It is really lovely to represent a brand like L'Amande.  Every time I go online or look at Instagram it seems there is a new brand or company that is the latest must have. So to establish ties and relationships with a company that has stood the test of time, is tried and true means something special to me.

I have met some friendly Italian people in Melbourne who recognise the brand as something their family use back home and the smell of the soaps remind them of that.

All the fragrances are natural and most are sourced from the local fields and farms in the area.

I have been sent some really cool old photos of the company that I would love to share with you. I imagine times were simpler then and life moved at a slower pace (a foolish romantic notion perhaps....). Anyway I hope you enjoy them.