L'Amande - tried and true

Kate Oakes

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I have been the proud distributer of L'Amande in Australia now for a whole 3 months. It is being stocked in some very fine retail establishments (contact me if you would like to know where) and I have had the pleasure of using some of the products in the range.

Now I am certainly no expert, but I am lucky enough to have people near and dear to me who are and we all agree that it is the bomb.

The soap lasts for months in the shower (we are a family of 5) and has a beautiful creamy lather, the hand cream leaves your skin super soft and is not greasy, the lip balm actually works and the liquid soap smells amazing, doesn't dry out the skin and you only need the smallest amount.

I asked the owner of L'Amande what makes it so much better than the competition and his simple answer was "because it is" - not that helpful for my product knowledge or my marketing campaign.....however having thought about his answer for a while it made sense to me.

These are products that are part of the every day life in Italy, things that you will always find in the bathrooms of generations of families. L'Amande doesn't need to justify their existence over there because people already know about the quality of the products and the integrity of the company.

So now I guess it is my job to do the same here.  Wish me luck!